Vacancy Overview: Responsible for managing all aspects of the Hospitality Department onboard operations. To coordinate, monitor and support the Hospitality team in the proper execution of day-to-day and long-term duties. To ensure the highest Travelers well being and product satisfaction. In addition is together with the Human Resources Manager responsible for the design and delivery of a variety of training courses and/or other interventions for employees Fleet Wide.

Management Responsibility: High Managerial Responsibility

Job Locations: Our Vessels sail through the European Rivers, Rhine, Danube, Mainz, Moselle etc. (Depending from the charterer)

Crew/Nationalities: 25-32 Hotel Crew depending from the ship

Guests: British, Spanish, German, Dutch (Depending from the charterer)

Work Time: Full time, 7 days per week (4 days holidays per month reserved)

Language on board:  English and German, Spanish will be considered as an advantage

Language Skills: Fluency in English language communicational German, Spanish will be considered an advantage

Contracts: Under Cypriot/EU law

Salary: €2,500-€3,000  NET  per  month  depending  on  skills  and  qualifications possibilities for an annual contract

TipsAvailable but not specified as it depends on guests

Uniform: Basic uniform is Employee’s responsibility/not provided on board. Instructions will provided upon recruitment

Willingness to travel and work  away from home for long periods:  Necessary

Personal Strengths: Strong leadership skills. Ability to analyse and solve problems, decision making ability, Ability to work under pressure, Good Organiser, Proactive or takes initiative, able to work independently


  • Free Medical Coverage
  • 4 vacation days per month
  • Reimbursement of the travel expenses to/from the ship
  • Single cabin facilities
  • Free meals are provided free of charge

Requirements from the Applicant


  • Reports directly to the Head Office


  • Flexible to be able to assist in ships’ operational purposes such as loading of food and supplies and general


Education and Qualifications:

  • At least three years of hotel experience in a comparable position. Cruise ship experience will be considered as an advantage
  • A relevant Degree in Hospitality, Management or Finance Computer literate with knowledge of a variety of computer software applications, including Microsoft Office Package and Fidelio
  • Must be bright, accurate and have a good eye for details
  • Someone who is willing to go the extra mile Friendly, well groomed
  • A flexible and motivated team player with good inter-personal skills.
  • Safety Training Diploma will be considered an advantage


  • Ensure that your team is happy “Happy Crew equals to Happy Guests”
  • Accountable to maintain high visibility & communication with Travelers.
  • Responsible to maintain, monitor and support proper appliance of PRO’s operational guidelines.
  • To cooperate with Nautical department for the management of ship’s rules & regulations as well of actively participate in the best conduction of all safety & environmental related procedures.
  • Ensure correct functions of the front desk: appearance, behavior, proper distribution of information, proper liaison with all other departments, proper announcements, and correct questionnaires analysis.
  • Handling and resolving guest concerns.
  • Ensure consistent application of disciplinary procedures
  • To maintain the highest sanitation and cleanness standards according to PRO’s guidelines.
  • Accountable to maintain the highest quality achievements.
  • Responsible to handle Travelers dissatisfaction, tackle problems followed by immediate satisfaction recovering actions.
  • Responsible to conduct pre-embarkation and daily “spot check” cabin & public lounges inspection according to audit checklist.
  • Conduct daily management meeting related to Quality, Travelers, Costs, Revenue, Crew Issues and incoming events and schedule.
  • Schedule, train, monitor and evaluate assigned personnel
  • Ensure that maximum service is achieved throughout every area of the Hotel department.
  • Monitor onboard revenue to ensure projected sales and appropriate service.
  • Oversee shipboard and activities, to ensure that program quality and content meet acceptable standards.
  • Ensure that shipboard staff is aware of all aspects of safety at work and basic safety rules.
  • Responsible for all crew matters in the Hotel Department: including crew reception, crew lodging and feeding, crew cabins and messes, crew welfare and recreation, uniforms, equipment, etc.
  • Coordinate with HR Department the management of crew retention and rotation
  • To personally welcome new and returning crew members.
  • To encourage, support and implement crew wellbeing activities.